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Do not waste time and money on reviewing letters of motivation alone. Especially when applicants from abroad apply, much more than the one-page resume is important. With divista, you can get to know all applicants within an applicant pool directly in words and pictures via the strengths video - without ever having to contact the applicant. You can also match applicants within the applicant pool according to your criteria - by experience or personality traits. The best applicants are clearly displayed in the dashboard. The profiles of each applicant give you information on professional qualifications, a 2-page evaluation on personality, the details of the desired work culture and, of course, the resume, a photo and references. You have never learned more about an applicant in the very first step of an application process. divista saves you the time of a first interview, which often does not promise what is expected from the written documents.

Your advantages

Shorter "time to hire" - no job adds

Digitize and improve recruiting process

Reduction "applicants per recruitment"

Lower "drop-out" rate with cultural matching

"divista convinces with its consequent reversal of the application process and the compact, digital implementation of current trends in HR recruiting."

 Norbert Bensel, former HR Director Deutsche Bahn

Data transfer? No problem with API

If you already use external applicant management systems, we can transfer our applicant data directly via an API. Applicants do not have to enter their master data twice and you still have all the information in your proven user environment.