See applicants how they are

personality analysis & strength-video

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Watch Strengths video

Watch a 4-part strengths video clip of each job applicant and get to know applicants.

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Review fact sheet of applicant

Review applicant profile including personality profile, cultural preferences and CV.

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Contact only the best applicants

Contact the best applicants directly after matching with your own requirements.

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How it works

Human, structured, profound - get the better application.

Companies use a lot of resources for optimal recruiting. But conventional application documents don't say much - some applications with only a little information unnecessarily prolong the time-to-hire. With skillster's strengths video, on the other hand, recruiters can see the applicant's strengths, information on what he or she wants from the work culture and his or her motivation in just one minute. In the applicant's profile you will also find all the information about qualifications, the CV and even a 2-page personality result from our VIST© personality test.

In this way, you will immediately find out who best fits into your team, without having to contact anyone else.

An example of a good strength video

Jasmin, 22, made her strengths video to apply for a new job. She tells 1. about herself, 2. about her strengths, 3. about her wishes for her everyday working life and 4. what motivates her. With her strengths video, she clearly scores points over other applicants.

Profile of the applicant (excerpt)

In addition to the strengths video, the employer receives a profile of each applicant. This contains the qualifications, the wishes for the work culture, the personality profile and the CV for download - all-in-one at a glance.