About us

Our mission

We think that if a candidate enjoys something, he automatically does it well.

Employers recognise this and naturally prefer to hire people who enjoy their job. But be careful: people are different! Some are eager to work with people, some need order, others are spontaneous and creative. And what's more: many people can't really say straight away what they're really good at. With our experience on one side and our experience on the other, we want to offer skillster as a solution for preparation or direct application. With our strengths video, applicants get to know their strengths in advance. Based on this, applicants independently shoot their strengths video in 4 parts. We want to offer this kind of self-presentation as a human tool for self-presentation.

On skillster, that's the solution for applicants, everyone highlights their personal skills, presents them and thus finds the right job. Beyond purely professional qualifications, we bring more human character and fit into the application process - things that matter in everyday work. At last, personal strengths, the desired working environment and motivation are in the foreground when it comes to meeting suitable employers.

So with divista, the business solution from skillster, we save recruiters time by replacing the first job interview. www.skillster.net