See skilled workers and how they are

personality analysis & strength-video

Watch strengths-video of the skilled worker

Watch a 4-part strengths video clip of each skilled worker and get to know applicants.

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Review fact sheet of skilled worker

Review skilled worker profile including personality profile, cultural preferences and CV.

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Contact only the best applicants

Contact the best applicants directly after matching with your own requirements.

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How it works

Human, structured, profound - get the better application.

Companies use a lot of resources for optimal recruiting - especially in times of skills shortages. We help with our Netflix for skilled workers

Together with our partners from Vietnam, Tunisia and countries in South-East Europe, we can help you overcome this shortage in the IT, hospitality and technical professions sectors. With the video solution from skillster & divista, you can immediately see in the video how the candidate looks, how well they speak German and what personality traits make them stand out. With just one click, you can call up each applicant's CV, references and certificates and save yourself the hassle of collecting documents throughout the application process. With skillster's strengths video, our personality matching with the VIST test and the "work culture" comparison, you will be able to see your new specialist and how well they fit into your company online at any time. 

In this way, you can find out immediately, without having to make contact, who is the best fit for your team and who you really need.

Mohamed, Tunisian IT Expert and his Strengths Video

Mohamed, 29, from Tunisia made his strengths video to apply as an IT specialist in Germany. He has 3 years of work experience at an international company and he tells 1. about himself, 2. about his special strengths, which he became aware of after the personality test, 3. about his wishes for his everyday working life and 4. what motivates him.

Bernice, Vietnamese hotel worker in strength video

Bernice (Thi My Dung Vo), 26, from Vietnam made her strengths video to apply for a job as a specialist in the catering and hotel industry in Germany. She has two years work experience and was team leader in a hotel in Da Nang. She talks 1. about her person, 2. her special strengths, which she became aware of after the personality test, 3. about her wishes for her everyday working life and 4. what motivates her. With her strengths video, she scores points with other applicants.